Collaboration is a powerful tool for all small business owners, regardless of the industry they’re in, or the kind of company they have. It is by forming connections with others, and finding new ways to cooperate with those like-minded professionals, that people are able to grow themselves and their organisations to new levels. This respect for the power of teamwork, and opportunities to network, makes the shared Lo-Co Motive International community workspace a great choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The network of consultants that partner with us find themselves immersed in a workplace culture like no other. While each person works for themselves, it’s clearly understood that more is achieved through collaboration. This includes not only partnering up on big projects, but mentorship options too. What’s more, contractors have chances throughout the year to attend conferences and seminars led by industry leaders. These trips give people time to get to know other business owners that are part of the Lo-Co Motive International community, and to network with professionals from other markets as well.

If self-guided professional development, and the chance to work for yourself without having to work by yourself sounds like a dream come true, dream no more. The group of independent owners that partner with us is growing. Follow Lo-Co Motive International on LinkedIn to find out more about what it will take for you to be in business for yourself.