Lo-Co Motive International’s travel adventures are among the most anticipated events within the community here. We believe that as part of self-guided learning, brand ambassadors benefit from visiting new places and forming new bonds with people around the country and even the world. Our quarterly conferences bring together the most influential leaders who discuss their own paths to success. Each of these events takes place in a different place, so everyone has a chance to experience something new.

Here are just a few reasons why Lo-Co Motive International encourages anyone who is growing their own business to consider travel:

• Meet New People: Conferences are a great place to network and build our connection base. Not only can we meet esteemed experts who know the consulting and marketing world inside and out, but we can build rapports with peers who are in similar places in their career journeys.

• Gain New Perspectives: When we’re travelling, we’re exposed to many cultures from which we can see the world in different lights. For entrepreneurs especially, we believe that diverse and unique experiences enrich our abilities to relate to others.

• Feel Refreshed and Inspired: Any time we venture far from home and daily routine, we are rejuvenated. This adds to our motivation and gives us reason to keep reaching higher, especially when we have some rest and relaxation, too.

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