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Owning a business doesn’t have to mean operating in a vacuum. Entrepreneurs within the Lo-Co Motive International network find like-minded people and a supportive community – all of which sets them up for greater success. This is a place where people can collaborate with and build connections, making it easier to increase the pace at which you can grow your business.

About the Community
at Lo-Co Motive International

Lo-Co Motive International has an ideal environment for talented individuals to gather and learn from one another. As a network of brand ambassadors that’s diverse, we also share bigger visions for advancement and business progression. Find out how this is a collective in which you can work with others to move forward along your professional journey.



This is a powerhouse company because Lizzie has seized every opportunity to learn and develop as a leader. With a background in teaching, her commitment to helping others achieve their professional goals is central to her philosophy, and supports her goals to expand the firm into new regions. Lizzie loves to travel and appreciates that this work gives her the freedom to do more.



Jamie joined the community at Lo-Co Motive International with plenty of ambition and the will to get the job done. Obstacles do not deter him, as Jamie focuses on the big picture and working at his own pace to expand his business. He loves to help others develop and aims to establish 20 offices across Europe and Australia within the next 10 years.


Campaign Leader

Amy isn’t afraid of challenges. She attended Nottingham Trent University, where she received a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management. There, she was also a student ambassador. Amy is already in a leadership position, but her goal is to run her own company – she is already brainstorming names and logos. She aims to thrive financially and invest in property while enjoying music, museums, and anything animal-related.


Campaign Leader

Luke graduated from Charles Keen Community College with a degree in Sound Engineering. He’s taken advantage of all the learning resources available here, and has already advanced to Stage 2 of the business development program. He coaches others and has been recognised twice so far for his excellence and ambition. By Summer 2020, he hopes to have his enterprise up and running.


Campaign Leader

Lauren attended South Nottinghamshire Academy where she cultivated her creative side through art and photography courses. With the resources available at Lo-Co Motive International, she’s already taking steps to lead and coach others. Lauren hopes to open her own business in Liverpool sometime in the next 18 months.

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