Around Lo-Co Motive International HQ, we believe in the power of one-to-one education. That’s why we’ve made mentorship such a key part of our developmental approach. We pair our newest ambassadors with not just one, but two experienced leaders so they can learn all aspects of our operations.

For this type of coaching to work, there are a few things that need to be in place. First of all, both the person doing the teaching and the mentee need to invest plenty of time. Being available is a simple but crucial aspect of any coaching dynamic.

Having an open mind is another key element of successful mentoring. If a person isn’t willing to accept feedback, the coaching isn’t likely to have much of an impact. For incoming entrepreneurs of Lo-Co Motive International, we provide hands-on training from seasoned mentors who can offer uniquely helpful tips. We make sure the people we bring on board are open to input from others and ready to learn new things every day.

Clear goals for both parties also help to maximize the value of any coaching arrangement. With a well-defined blueprint for development, mentors can set action steps for their mentees to follow. Rapid progress is the result when everyone is on the same page.

One-to-one coaching helps our brand managers build confidence from day one. Learn more about our devotion to personal teaching by liking Lo-Co Motive International on Facebook.