Lo-Co Motive International is kicking off Q1, 2020 with an annual networking seminar! This is an event of monumental proportion, since it marks not only the beginning of a new year but also of a new decade. There will be industry leaders from a variety of different markets there to share their knowledge and best practises, and we are confident that any independent contractor that chooses to attend this event will be set up for a record-breaking year.

The Lo-Co Motive International mission is to open pathways for those who wish to create their own professional destinies as entrepreneurs. Our shared workspace is a learning environment that invites ambitious men and women to learn the basic and advanced skills needed to thrive in this (or any other) industry. Novice business owners get the chance to link up with mentors that are excited to help them understand our outreach model.

There are also opportunities to travel throughout the year. Contractors can opt to journey with company leaders to visit other markets, scouting them out for expansion potential or meeting with professionals who are already established in those areas. The upcoming annual networking seminar is often one of these trips, though this year we’re bringing the knowledge and connections here.

Learning, growing, and networking are essential elements of business ownership that we’re proud to help entrepreneurs master. Like Lo-Co Motive International on Facebook to learn more about what it’s like to be an independent consultant.