The business consultants around the Lo-Co Motive International workspace know a thing or two about impressing during appointments. For anyone who wants to stand out in the eyes of decision makers, these are the strategies that bring winning results:

  • Be Prepared: There’s just no substitute for knowing about a company’s values and what sets it apart from the competition. Knowing some of the key people within an organisation and how it got to where it is today will allow individuals to properly frame their responses and questions.
  • Anticipate the Right Questions: In the Lo-Co Motive International shared workspace, consultants know where they want to be in several years’ time. This is the kind of thing people should project during their appointments as well. Along with where they see themselves in the future, it’s important for everyone to have answers to questions about their key achievements and unique skills so they might connect faster.
  • End on a High Note: The end of an appointment is always important. Offering sincere thanks and making it clear that they’re excited about the possibilities of building new business relationships are sound strategies.

These are just a few things people need to keep in mind as their appointments draw nearer. For more productive tips on standing out from others, follow Lo-Co Motive International on Linkedin.